Nielsen McAllister looks forward to the buzz Derby Festé brings

‘A futuristic journey in time’ – we cannot wait!


Here at Nielsen McAllister Public Relations, we cannot wait to see the streets of Derby city centre come alive as the spectacle that is Derby Festé returns for another year with the theme of ‘Space, Moon & Tides’. 

Our offices are based in the St Peter’s Quarter and we all look forward to this annual festival which injects a buzz to the city centre and provides the perfect opportunity for the community to join together. Since the first event in 2007, we have watched the festival grow each year and witnessed the opportunities and support it provides for local businesses.

Derby Festé never fails to mesmerise – there is always something new and exciting to feast your eyes on as it showcases an array of talented local individuals, as well as attracting international artists and performers to create a packed programme for people of all ages to enjoy.

Each year the festival brings a large number of visitors into the city centre providing both local people and audiences from further afield with the opportunity to experience Derby at its most vibrant. Importantly, this also has a positive impact on the local economy as spending increases. On average, the festival generates around £800k a year for the local economy.

Not only does Derby Festé support the local economy, it’s great for community spirit as well. Its lovely to see everyone joining together and enjoying the live entertainment, and it provides a little reminder of the great city we all share.

Without a doubt, each year Derby Festé makes us feel very proud to be based within the heart of Derby city centre, as the electric energy from the festival demonstrates why it is such a great place to work and play.


Out of all the amazing artists and performers on offer it’s always hard to pick a favourite! But this year, I am particularly looking forward to seeing the Museum of the Moon which is on display at the Derby Cathedral. The chance to see the moon up close is a must-see!




I’m also intrigued to see the Ockham’s Razor: Belly of the Whale which will be held in the Market Place– the performers ride a giant semi-circular see-saw made of wood and steel with a combination of circus skills and comedy. I have never seen anything like it before so I will definitely be checking that out on the Saturday.



Head over to the Derby Festé website to find out more.


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