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Our team share some of their thoughts and views on industry trends, issues or just their day to day experiences in the world of B2B PR. 

Are We Communicating More in Lockdown?


“Hello… can you hear me?”, “Your mic is muted”, “Is my camera blurry?”. Over the past eight weeks we must have heard these phrases a thousand times as we all get to grips with working remotely.


 Print Still Making An Impression


The coronavirus pandemic has led to much talk about what the world will be like when we eventually emerge on the other side. And, as we gain an even greater dependence on the digital world, it raises the question of the future of print media.



What did you do in the great lockdown?


So, here we still are, six or seven weeks into extreme social-distancing and experiencing our own individual “new normals” in working from home. We therefore thought it might be interesting to ask the team at Nielsen McAllister what they had learned so far from the lockdown experience – or indeed what they were now doing differently in their lives.


Pandemic or productivity contest?


News of the coronavirus pandemic is dominating every inch of the media – which is understandable. Equally inescapable throughout our media are the words ‘home workout’ – but are we being put under too much pressure to improve ourselves when we have so many other things to worry about?



Working Together


A couple of months ago, I adapted my office working routine to accommodate my youngest son Rhys, who completed his week’s work experience with us at NMPR. It’s fair to say that the week that followed surprised us both...


A Week is a Long Time… Never Mind 30 Years!


With Nielsen McAllister approaching its 30th anniversary, I had planned to write a blog looking back on how PR and communications have changed since 1990 when I established the business. Of course, comparisons with how things were 30 years ago and more are nothing to how life changed less than two weeks after I wrote that note...





For years, I have very occasionally prayed for the world to stop. Fast forward to today – just a few weeks into coronavirus lockdown – and, you know what they say: “Be careful what you wish for.”


What has my first nine months in PR taught me?


It recently occurred to me that the pile of magazines on my desk nine months ago, many on subjects I knew nothing about, were now full of articles I’d written myself. So, I thought this would be a good time to look back on the blog post I wrote during my first two weeks on the job and reflect on my journey in PR so far.


Retro Games Development

After spending a week with the NMPR team, work experience student, Rhys Oxford, wrote a blog about the development of his favourite pastime - video games.

Well done Rhys on getting your first blog published, we found it an informative read!


What's New in the World of Drinks?

Understanding the trends and developments within our clients’ markets is key to ensuring the content we create is relevant. It’s also fascinating to see how change in many industries is virtually the only thing that remains constant!


Dear Diary - can I please take back that last remark?

I remember a teacher of mine encouraging everyone in the class to keep a diary – and then to read it back a few years later, when he guaranteed that we would cringe at much of what we had written. I think that suggestion is even more pertinent today. 


Team Matters

One thing that I learned from almost a decade of working for myself as a PR consultant was that I should not work for myself...


Content is King… Long live PR!

The world of PR is changing. Reports of traditional printed media titles closing or moving solely online abound, while the world of influencers, blogs and social media outlets explodes exponentially. 


Are online communications getting more personal?

As the internet makes the world a more connected place, are communication strategies and social media returning to a more traditional approach to get our attention?


Sustainability – is your office doing its bit?

More than ever, people are attempting to make a difference by actively making small changes in every aspect of their daily lives. But are these efforts being transferred into the workplace as well as in our personal lives?


Why are awards important for a business?

We all know that winning an award is a great triumph - but what is it that makes them so important for businesses?


To the Moon and Back

Autumn arrived in sensational style this year – bringing an eclectic wealth of art, culture and entertainment to the city. I was keen to make the most of the multiple events on offer & bust the myth that ‘nothing exciting ever happens in Derby!’


Nielsen McAllister looks forward to the buzz Derby Festé brings

Here at Nielsen McAllister Public Relations, we cannot wait to see the streets of Derby city centre come alive as the spectacle that is Derby Festé returns for another year with the theme of ‘Space, Moon & Tides’...


It's never too late to try something new

After graduating with an English degree in July 2018, I’ve been working full-time as a B2C digital marketer just shy of a year. It’s a fantastic and dynamic sector to be in, but deep down I’ve always been pulled to journalism...


5 ways PR can help your business

We are often asked how PR can help businesses and so we thought it was about time we wrote a blog on the topic.


The real answer is in numerous ways, however we have decided to distil our thoughts down to 5 key points...


Joining the team

Filled with enthusiasm, excitement and apprehension, I started my first day in the world of PR at Nielsen McAllister. As a recent graduate, I was saying my final goodbyes to the notorious university lifestyle and taking the first daunting steps into the “real world”, as I began my career as an Account Executive...


Was Glastonbury a Wasted Sustainability Opportunity?

Glastonbury became the latest high-profile business to demonstrate its sustainability credentials with a ban on single-use plastic water bottles. But could there have been a better option?


Farewell UK, Hello China!

A move overseas and a farewell to PR... for now...

A farewell blog from Jack who after nearly two years at Nielsen McAllister is moving overseas to go and teach English in China...



A great place for young professionals... honest!

“Derby? Where is that?”.

“Oh, it's near Nottingham…”, comes the dreaded and almost reflexive response to this common enquiry any Derby resident knows all too well.


New Year, New You!

How are your New Year resolutions going?

Are you managing to stick to them or have you fallen by the wayside already? According to research conducted by Strava, the social network for athletes, January 12th is officially the day when most people are likely to give up on their New Year’s resolutions - especially when they’re health or fitness-based!


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