Delivering engaging customer content through video


Video content is becoming increasingly important for businesses of all types to communicate effectively in the online world. From simple explainer videos on social media, to engaging customer case studies or sharing of insight, our content creators produce compelling videos to bring your news and stories to life. 


Customer application videos

X-EnviroShrink is an award-winning sustainable shrink wrap from bpi protec. Radnor Hills had selected the X-EnviroShrink for its bottled waters and as an integral part of the Case Study and media campaign a video was scripted, filmed on site and edited by our creative team and partners.  


Social media explainer videos

Our Blog presents the views of the NMPR team and covers a wide-range of topics for the interest of clients and potential customers. Our simple explainer style videos are produced in-house and promote relevant Blog stories across LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media channels to drive traffic to our website. 


Consumer insight videos

WaveGrip wanted to get the latest insight from consumers on their carriers for cans and bottles. Our campaign engaged with WatchMeThink to find the views from consumers within their own homes. The footage was edited by our content team and used to highlight the public's perception of WaveGrip and also played an important role in its product development.  


Animation videos

Working with our partners we are also able to provide sophisticated animation and graphics. The example below shows how we can build videos that enagage audiences using the latest interactive techniques. 



Contact us today to find out how our video services can give you the competitive advantage that will propel your business to success.


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